About Us

Let us make your cat happy and healthy!


Every cat deserves a safe loving home, every home with a cat needs a Purrfect Catio.

We’re passionate about bringing beautiful, quality products to your cat.


Three years ago I built an enclosure 4ft x 4ft x 8ft with a shelf across the middle. After watching our ten cats at the time loving the outdoor space I built our second Catio, using a Gazebo frame from a discount thrift store. 10ft x 10ft x 7ft. After another season of watching now 12 cats enjoying the sun, birds, and fresh air I realized how much this changed their lives, I can truly see their happiness. Because of that feeling I decided to start this venture so that other cats and cat guardians can enjoy the same. I am still a full time mechanical engineer filling my weekends building Catios and catifications.


Our Catio kits come complete with all of the hardware to build your Catio. Assemble with basic hand tools. Our aluminum frames will last for years to come. Purchase any wire mesh from your local hardware supply store. Contact us for a custom size and shape to fit your home and budget.

Contact us to get your custom designed enclosure to fit any size and any budget!

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