Catio 4 ft x 4 ft x 7 ft tall

Aluminium frame with clear anodized finish. Locking guardian door. All holes are pre-drilled. Includes all hardware needed to assemble. Detailed easy to follow directions, Tools required – Phillips screw driver. small adjustable wrench, and a double face mallet.

What is not included – can be purchased at your local lumber supply:

  • 4×4 pressure treated lumber (base for frame) and
  • wire mesh

Don’t forget to add a Window access pet door.

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1) Anodized frame long lasting weather resistant
2) Guardian door raised 18 inches from ground to prevent escapes
3) Keyed Locking door handle for security
4) Includes all hardware to assemble

Not included is wire mesh purchase any 4 feet wide material by 100 feet to cover the enclosure
Not required but we recommend using timber to build a foundation for the frame. Four Pressure treated 4x4x96 or landscaping timber will work.

Tools Required
Phillips screw driver
Double end mallet 12oz or 24oz
7/16 box wrench or small adjustable
Wire cutter to cut the wire mesh


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